The Lost American JazzBook

For your consideration Jazz Vocal Album of the Year


The Lost American JazzBook consists of four to five musicians AND a road manager: Dan Zemelman – pianist; Mads Tolling - violin; Rose Armin-Hoiland–Vocals; bass player; drummer, and possibly a guitarist; plus the road manager. Musicians are subject to change based on availability.

The Lost American JazzBook will provide all on-stage musical instruments with the exception of a grand piano and possibly a quality upright acoustical string bass, and a quality drum set. The instruments provided by the presenter will be mutually agreed-upon. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any variations regarding the specifications below must be arranged directly between a representative of the Presenting Venue and a designated representative of The Lost American JazzBook and final approval of all specs must be obtained from same.


1) Grand piano or baby grand, adjustable piano bench, tuned to A440. Piano needs to be tuned BEFORE the first rehearsal.  A piano technician should be on call to address any issues that arise during the rehearsal.  

2) High quality, full frequency range, stereo public address system designed for music with a quality mixing console with at least 12 working inputs (with mic preamps).

3) Minimum of 2, preferred 3, separate onstage monitor mixes for the musicians.  3 to 5 high quality monitor speakers, as available.  Monitor mixes can be adjusted from front of house.

4) 7 high quality microphones (2 for vocal) on 6 boom mic stands, and 1 straight mic stand for singer – 2 for piano, 2 for drums, 1 for acoustic guitar an 1 for vocalist.  Pianist gets a vocal mic on a boom.

5) Venue MAY need to provide D.I. boxes, depending on musician’s needs. TBD

6) High quality stereo reverb at House mix position if hall is small or has noticeably “dry” acoustics.  

7) 4 sturdy music stands

8) Two dressing rooms, one with a practice piano: OR two dressing rooms, and access to a piano elsewhere in the hour before the performance.

ONE DAY CONCERT SCHEDULE: (this schedule is flexible to be negotiated beforehand with presenter)

All lighting and sound tech completed and checked before ensemble arrives

1:30 – 3 PM – adjust stage setup as required, focus lighting and set levels, sound check

3 – 5:30 PM: dress rehearsal

5:30 PM: Dinner break: Dinner provided backstage for ensemble. Address any issues with piano if necessary.

7 PM: Final sound check/ preset

7:30: House opens

8 PM: performance – 80 to 90 minutes (intermission to-be-determined)


-       Load-in: As required by venue to prepare audio and lighting BEFORE ARRIVAL of ensemble

-       Tech and Rehearsals: SAME AS PERFORMANCE

- Performance:  one sound operator/mixer, one light board operator, other stagehand as required by venue

NOTE: All technical personnel must be the same for both rehearsals and performance.


1)    Two vehicle parking passes for performer passenger vehicles, near the theater for all days in which Ensemble is working in the theater or on campus

2)    Two dressing rooms with appropriate temperature control.  Ideally, one with a practice piano

3)    Access to room with grand piano for practice and warm up for whenever Ensemble is in residence (including non-performance days)

4)    Prefer hotel within walking distance to the theater if possible